Sanitation & Disinfection

Beverly Hills Sanitation & Disinfection

Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaners offers professional Sanitation and Disinfection Services residantial and commercial customers throughout Los Angeles. Our professional and experienced technicians are IICRC-certified and use only state of the art products and technology that are also safe for your family members.

It is also important to highlight and differentiate certain words and terminology to make sure you get the service needed. For instance the words “cleaning”, “sanitizing”, and “disinfecting”. While “cleaning” is the removal of germs and contaminants, through the use of water and detergent, “sanitation” on the other hand is to lower the germ count to safe levels while “disinfection” is the elimination of germs.

A professional with rubber gloves disinfecting a railing

Packaging & Returning

We offer several methods for sanitizing and disinfecting your home or business. These include traditional cleaning processes such as wiping, scrubbing, and mopping. At Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaners we also utilize an electrostatic sprayer, a device sometimes also called a fogger or mister. The electrostatic sprayer can provide 100% coverage of surfaces and kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. This EPA approved method is also used in large scale industries such as hospitals and airlines. Best of all, the product is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and doesn’t create more headache by leaving any residue.

Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaners is ready to take your call for both commercial and residential Disinfection And Sanitation needs in Beverly Hills. Our services kill 99.99% of all germs and are completely safe for you and your family including your pets. If you have specific needs or questions do not hesitate to contact us. We offer consultation so you get the service you need whether it is corona virus (COVID-19) related or any other needs.

How much does Sanitation & Disinfection cost?

The price of Sanitation & Disinfection services can vary depending on various factors. Request a free no strings attached quote below.

Customer Reviews

Adrian Bramblett
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For all of my carpet cleaning requirements, Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaners is my first choice. They consistently leave my carpets looking immaculate, and their specialists are knowledgeable and effective. Excellent service!
Rhett Alvarado
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I called them for a regular carpet cleaning, and the outcome astounded me. The personnel is professional and amiable. Never have my carpets looked better!
Jacqui A.
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Easy, thorough, professional, and affordable! I have an 8x10 shag rug that they did a fantastic job cleaning and gave me the option of self drop-off or to have it picked up and delivered...
Amina Conner
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Never before has cleaning a carpet been so simple. Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaners is the reason my carpets are always immaculate. They provide particularly efficient steam cleaning.👍
Tara G.
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Wonderful service all the way around. The staff was helpful & friendly. My vintage, handmade, Turkish area rug has never looked so good. It came back to me within days, perfectly clean, fully dry and with absolutely no odor of chemicals.
Gabrielle Trujillo
Read More
The group did a fantastic job on my mattress and carpeting. My bed feels brand new again thanks to their excellent mattress cleaning service and general carpet cleaning. Well worth the money!
Daniel Kerman
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A polite young man showed up on time and did a professional job. Value for money.
Jeff Oshen
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It was like night and day when Brandon, the Steam Pro professional, finished steam cleaning my club chair and ottoman. I couldn’t be more pleased. I recommend Steam Pro over any of those impersonal commercial carpet clean...
Ollie Chambers
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Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaners did a superb job on our carpets. We have pets, so you can imagine the state they were in. Their carpet steam cleaning service was a lifesaver. Every stain, every odor, gone!

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